Adlao Mule #2: Handmade Custom Flashlight / Torch by LM Toolworks in brass with turboglow spacer

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Offered in collaboration with renown craftsman and engraver Leo Maquinana of LM Toolworks, the Adlao is a rare and exclusive high end flashlight that will elevate your EDC and bring luxury to the most useful tool in your pocket. 

Offered in this listing is an Adlao Mule completely handmade on a manual lathe out of solid brass. A Mule, with no reflector or beam shaping, provides a wide and floody beam that is excellent for EDC and short range applications.

This Adlao features 12 holes in the cooling fins for tritium vials, as well as 6 trit grooves directly below the cooling fins. Operated by a rear reverse clicky switch and featuring a fluted body with standard spaced tapped screw holes for your favorite clip, and sized for 0.125" screws (Compatible with clips from Oveready, McGizmo, Steelflame etc).

Designed and machined by Leo, Adlao is named after an ancient Philippine deity who's body is said to have become the sun and is an elegant high end flashlight unlike any other. Rife with details like subtle crenellations around the bezel, a chamfered ring around the switch to prevent accidental activation, and a way to install trits with minimal (if any) adhesive. No detail was overlooked, even the MCPCB on the Adlao Mule is hidden behind a polished brass concave shield.  



  • Material: Brass
  • Battery: 14500 (tested and confirmed compatible with Efest, battery not included)
  • LED: SST40
  • Reflector: Mule (no reflector) with polished brass MCPCB cover and turboglow spacer
  • Driver: MTN 15DDM
  • UI/ Firmware: guppy3drv
  • Switch: Reverse Clicky
  • Origin: Made in the Philippines


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Adleo mule

Seriously one of my favorite lights. Has been in my pocket since i got it. Leo does amazing work. 👍