Grand Tala #6: SST40 and Amber Flood - brass custom dual beam pattern flashlight / torch with throw and flood

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Tala is a torch concept collaboration developed by Leo Maquinana of LM Toolworks and PhotonX. Designed as a pocketable carry light, the goal was to fit both a respectable thrower and a floody EDC light in a compact flashlight package. This is achieved through a very efficient 20mm reflector for the primary throw beam, and 8 auxiliary floody LEDs in a mule format for flood.  

The name Tala comes from the Tagalog goddess of the morning and evening stars. Known to have supported the creation of the constellations, Tala uses glowing orbs at night to guide sailors to safety. Grand Tala are unique, one-off, interpretations of the Tala concept, complete handmade by Leo with manual machinery.

As a nod to the naval heritage of its namesake this Grand Tala is made of solid brass, a metal traditionally used in ships for its corrosion resistance. As a patina friendly metal, it has a unique character that will continue to evolve with time. Featuring a unique running-brick grip pattern on the body teardrop lightening milling on the head, this is the classiest way for you to carry the perfect EDC light for both throw and flood uses

  • Material: Brass,
  • Driver: CWF Customs Dragon Driver
  • LEDs:
    • Throw LED: 1 x Luminus SST40 5000k 
    • Flood Ring: 8 x Nichia E17A Amber
  • Reflector McR20s
  • Mule ring MCPCB cover: Brass 
  • Lens: Mineral glass with Anti Reflective coating
  • Battery: 18350 (not included)
  • Switch: McClicky mechanical switch
  • Drilled and tapped for McGizmo style clips. Clip and screws (4/40x0.125) not included

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Grand Tala #6

Love this light! Beautifully made, great primary emitter and the secondaries are excellent. Now I just need to get in touch with Leo to get some artwork done on it!