PhotonPhreaks phOwl PVC Keychain / Morale Patch Hybrid. Flashlight Themed Velcro Backed Keychain

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Have you ever seen a keychain that's also a morale patch? Now you have! This is a PVC keychain featuring our well known phOwl logo with Tripleeyes, but we added velcro to the back of the phOwl so you can remove it from the chain and use it simply as a patch. We're all about versatility and innovation, even in the simplest products!


Patch is approximately 2" x 1.25"

Material: PVC

Backing: Velcro 

Chain: ~1.5"

Split Ring: ~1" OD


Use this on your keys, as a zipper pull on your bag, or simply remove the chain and slap it on anything velcro attaches to! Fly your Phreak Flag and Spread the Light!