Flood Ring HyperGlow Mule Spacer for Carclo Triple LED Flashlights and Torches

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The Flood Ring is a spacer that replaces the typical Carclo 105xx triple optic found in flashlights*. By replacing the optic with the Flood RIng, you convert your flashlight to what's known as a Mule. The Mule beam-shape is very wide and evenly spread, resulting in a flood beam ideal for up close work. Mule flashlights really excel in EDC where most of your tasks are within hand's reach. 


The Flood Ring is machined out out of HyperGlow rod stock, unlike our copycats, we do not 3D print any of our Flood Rings.  Made in USA by Skur Composites. Hyperglow uses only high quality glow and crystal clear epoxy resin. Clear resin lets light deep to charge the glow material producing a bright, long lasting glow. The high concentration of glow within the material will ensure a very bright, powerful glow for many hours.


HyperGlow has been developed after many months of researching and testing various glow resins to offer the brightest and longest lasting glow available. The Mule Spacers in Day Orange, Day Green and Day Pink have been specifically tailored to have a very bright daytime color yet still glow very bright at night as well. Invisible Aqua is a daytime white ring that glows bright aqua. None of these colors will be found anywhere else and have been developed exclusively at Skur Composites. 

*Not compatible with Dragon MCPCBs featuring secondary emitters, Lux-RC boards that have chips on the MCPCB or Led4Power boards with the MOSFET or thermistor on the board. (Some enthusiasts have modified the Rings to fit, no guarantees made)


(Flashlights not included)

Customer Reviews

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Eric Buman
Awesome glow ring

Nice addition on my Lumintop HL3A headlamp! I had to file two little slots for the wires on the front of the driver. Not hard at all. Thanks!

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Pink glow ring

Fits perfectly, well made, everyone should have at least one of the glow rings available here. It would be really awesome if they could make a glow ring to fit the Lumintop FWAA. Would definitely buy..

Derrin Eckelmann
Pink Glow Ring

I purchased to use in my Lumintop FW3X Flashlight and it worked out really well. Posted on facebook the video and picture of it installed . Not only does it glow well but the auxiliaries made the gasket change to the color that was presented . Super happy but warning this will make your light a flood .

Waldemar Freyre
Good! Not great 😔

The hyper glow material is excellent! I’ve tried the 3D printed option and it’s horrible, so right now photonphreaks is definitely the way to go. However! My invisible aqua did not fit flush in a standard, unmodified FW3A. It looks ok when everything is back together, but it doesn’t sit flush. The diameter should be a tad wider. You can shave material off , but you can’t put back on.

We're glad you like the glow!

The vertical fitment is designed to be a perfect fit on all lights, so there's no movement and there is consistent pressure against the MCPB. The outside diameter of the ring was designed to fit the widest variety of triple hosts without any modification, from the FW3A to any other light that fits a triple. Lights with very exposed lenses and thin bezels will fit differently than lights with less lens exposure and wider bezels.

Like all of our products, your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

Shine on!

Jim Tangren
Glow rings

Excellent product.. Very bright and very easy to install, it completely changes the look of my lights!