The HDSRB Project - Turbo Thrower head for HDS Systems Flashlights

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The HDSRB Project started when I realized that for many of us, HDS Systems flashlights are our favorite and most reliable lights. A community poll showed that most HDS owners actually own more than one HDS light. I became interested in increasing the versatility of these lights.

The idea is to create a part to your existing ACME threaded HDS light by replacing the existing reflector and bezel to increase throw and add functionality to the light you already own. The LED and beloved driver/UI will remained unchanged, and the design is intended to follow HDS philosophies of Robust Durability and Reliability.

The HDSRB is proudly Made in the USA with Made in the USA raw materials.  . 

Overall design language is kept consistent with HDS aesthetics. You can see the recognizable stainless steel bezel for impact resistance and to protect the lens. Crenellations are consistent with HDS' style, and even the angle flare of the head is consistent with the angle Henry used in the battery tube flare. 

What you'll be receiving:

  • 1 x HDSRB stainless steel bezel
  • 1 x HDSRB reflector housing
  • 1 x HDSRB Custom reflector
  • 1 x UCL Lens
  • 4 x O-rings (installed)

Flashlight not included


Reflector Housing: 6061-T9 Type III anodized aluminum

Bezel: 304 (18-8) stainless steel

Reflector: Electroformed Nickel with aluminum quartz overcoat

Lens: UCL™ Float Glass 

O-rings: Buna-n



SMO or OP? SMO Reflector
How much does it improve the throw? It depends on the LED. The 5000k 219c I tested on practically doubled the candela, or 50% more throw.

Can I use a clip under it like I do with my other rotary bezel? The clip fits. Depending on the LED the beam may be affected, the 219c I tested grew a couple more rings in the beam while a modded one I have (I think XML-2) was not affected.



The HDSRB in the pictures is a prototype. Final product may vary slightly. 


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jonathan mccaleb
Great quality!

The HDSRB turbo head is definitely recommended for HDS flashlights.