Phreaky Briefing 25 Photos

Photos from Issue #25 of the Phreaky Briefing.

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Manker E02 II

Frelux FML2

Copper and Current 15VP v5

Copper and Current switch

Frelux Synergy Tripod attachment

RovyVon A3 Pro

CountyComm Maratac Tri EDC 18650


Veleno Designs R3

Manker MK39

Lumintop EDC01 Mokume

Imalent MS03 sub-45 second Turbo

Okluma DC0 Zirconium

Lumintop FW3 Flamed Timascus

Jaxman X2 Follower

Nitecore HU60

Lumens Factory Copper E Series Bezels

Lumens Factory Brass E Series Bezels

Lumens Factory P60 to E Head Units

Lumintop FW3X

Noctigon K1 SBT90.2.

Lux-RC 371/372

Fenix E03R

Olight x Going Gear

Fenix new wall of light

Wuben Special Edition

Lumintop X9 and X9L

Barrel Helix

JETBeam RRT03 Tactical