Phreaky Briefing 03 Photos

Photos from Issue #3 of the Phreaky Briefing. Click here to subscribe and receive the issues direct to your inbox.


Fellhoelter JLATO (Dragon driver, 18350)


Focus Works Eryx Triple


Focus Works Eryx 18650


Okluma NL1, 1-3 x 18350, 600 lumens, reverse clicky



Knolanplay Little Light: 5mm LED in white or colored, twisty, BR435 battery and a swappable mid section.


Acebeam TK16: copper, triple emitters, 16340 (or CR123), multiple LED choices, up to 1800 lumens and a tail switch


Reylight Krystal: Titanium, Quad emitters, center secondary, 18350 or 18650 (center)


Folomov Mystery Light


Xtar MC6C 6 bay charger


Convoy S2+ 21700 (working name)