Phreaky Briefing 04 Photos

Photos from Issue #4 of the Phreaky Briefing. Click here to subscribe and receive the issues direct to your inbox.


Eryx Echo: Anodized aluminum take on the Eryx at an affordable price


Notta Designs beam and Patch


LM Toolworks mystery metal


ZeroAir's Boss, engraved by Jake Newell (photo cred: ZeroAir)



Wuben TO50RHC (protoype, second from right) Quad LH351D, 5000K, 90+CRI, 21700 and 18650. Integrated USB charging and powerbank feature. (photo cred: Maukka)


Lumintop GT4 (prototype) Quad XHP70.2 (photo cred: M4DM4X)


Haikelite MT03 Pure Brass


Imalent MS18 100,000 lumens, 18x XHP70.2, 8x21700 (photo cred: M4DM4X) 


MS18 and R90TS 18x XHP35HI, 30,000 lumens 18,000m throw (photo cred: M4DM4X)


Klarus Xt21X