Phreaky Briefing 07 Photos

Photos from Issue #7 of the Phreaky Briefing. Click here to subscribe and receive the issues direct to your inbox.



Lalima Metal Craft Wayfinder


Zieba Pocket Clip


Copper and Current 15vP v4.7 Boost Driver


Genuine VTC5D, if there is no ring, or if it is laser etched, then it is fake. Photo cred: Mooch


Lumintop Zoom1, 18650/21700, XPL-HD, 800 lumens and 210m throw


Nitecore P18: XHP35 HD, secondary red LED, 1x18650


Unannounced R50 2: 3xSST-40, 21700


Folomov titanium 14500, 1000 lumens, CRI≥90


Folomov EDC C2, 400lm, CRI98, 3000k unusual 3/5th AA battery